Monday, January 21, 2013

Doctor Who Beginner's Guide

I have just started watching Doctor Who but believe me it is a wild ride. You see he is an alien called a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. If they get hurt or severely injured they "cheat death" by regenerating into another incarnation. They have 13 lives. He calls himself the Doctor. So I started with a few First Doctor stories then went onto NuWho. The series was cancelled when it came to the Seventh Doctor. The Sixth was more evil than his other incarnations so he was fired and replaced with Sylvester McCoy. He was evil just like the Sixth Doctor. By evil I mean he would use brute force unlike the others. It didn't have enough high ratings to keep going so it was "cancelled". It wasn't exactly cancelled, it just didn't have new episodes. So they had a Childen in Need special called Dimensions in Time not taken too seriously instead of the cancelled The Dark Dimensions. It was also the 30th Anniversary special. The incarnations meet from time to time on tv and other media. The show tried to make a comeback with a television film called Doctor Who. Somebody suggested the alternate title Enemy Within to distance itself from the telvision series. It didn't garner enough ratings in the U.S. to make the series return. It was a backdoor pilot and it was canon. It is highly debatable because of  him saying he was half human. Then a webcast called The Scream of the Shalka happened. It introduced the "Ninth" Doctor. It was animated. But what happened next changed the course of Doctor Who forever. It made a comeback finally.With Christopher Eccelston as the official Ninth Doctor. Debate riled up fans. Would the tv movie or The Scream of the Shalka be canon. The first, yes. The latter, no. Also would the classic series count. It did thanks to some good episodes. School Reunion had Sarah Jane Smith(was a companion of the Third and Fourth Doctor) and K-9. A Children in Need special Time Crash had the Tenth meet the Fifth Doctor. All this proved that classic counted. The eighth appeared only in the movie. Well he did appear in other media. He even met some of his past incarnations. Creating wat fans call today NuWho. The Eighth had regenerated sometime in the Time War. A war between the Time Lords and the Daleks killing them both. But the Daleks keep coming back. He was the only survivor or so he thought but I don't to spoil it for new fans. So the question still remains, which  is better: Classic Who VS. NuWho! So who's side are you on? I can't choose they are both really cool.
It's up to you! In the meantime, look at the incarnations at the side of the blog.

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