Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Looks like you should wish me some good luck on my field trip tomorrow. Yeah,going to see Rise of the Guardians. I forget to mention I will do a review when I am done watching it. Well Marvel is planning a S.H.I.E.L.D. tv series on ABC possibly around Fall 2013 and Avengers 2 coming May 1,2015. Fighting DC's Justice League in 2015 as well. Give me your casting tips. Trust me there is a bunch of DC films that you have never seen that are very good. Zomberry Island comes out for members on Wednesday, December 19 and for everybody January 10, 2013. So prepare to be zomberrified. I will also post those DC and Marvel films that you probably haven't seen. Fox has X-Men Days of Future Past coming soon and The Wolverine and the Fantastic Four reboot. Marvel has Iron Man 3,Thor 2,Captain America 2,Guardians of the Galaxy,and Ant-Man.Sony has the Amazing Spider-Man 2. DC has Man of Steel,Justice League,and the possible Batman reboot.
In the meantime enjoy some famous Winston Churchill quotes.

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  1. hi it's me again Ethan! miss yall! bye