Friday, May 4, 2012

The Bloggers

I have told and shown what the bloggers look like, now I will tell you what they do.

Ultimate Blogger-I post and have a lots of fun. I write a few songs for you guys to see. Hopefully this blog will be the best in the UNIVERSE. I have more things planned than you think.

Mysterious-He just lurks in the shadows of The Ultimate Blog. He came out of nowhere and after that I was amazed. Since I didn't know his name I called him Mysterious. He haunts my blog by giving away mystery cards.

MC Music- He'll be playing a track from great artists. He plays tracks when he wants. He is the most awesome MC I've seen in my entire life. If anything is to happen, he will be hunting for music.

Our identities shall remain secret.

Ultimate Posts by Ultimate Blogger
Mystery Cards by Mysterious
MC Songz by MC Music

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